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PNNL, OSU Graduate School and Research Office

As part of an ongoing strategic partnership with the Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL), the OSU Graduate School and the Research Office are pleased to announce the launch of the PNNL-OSU Distinguished Graduate Research Program (DGRP). The DGRP is intended to increase the quality and quantity of STEM Ph.D. students across the OSU system, while providing an enhanced research experience by aligning OSU faculty, students, and PNNL scientists with the unique capabilities and research programs at the National Laboratory. We anticipate selecting five students each year in the following five years.

We are announcing the call for applications to the first five DGRP student cohort. The Candidates will be drawn from first year and second year STEM and related science and engineering Ph.D. candidates at OSU, effective fall quarter 2019. We are particularly interested in attracting outstanding students that represent the existing and emerging areas of collaboration with PNNL. See for guidelines and eligibility.

Since our various Ph.D. programs have a variety of recruiting and admission timelines, we have set the priority deadline for applications to the DGRP as February 1, 2019. Interested faculty should identify a potential student applicant, PNNL collaborator, and complete the application. The program guidelines and application form are available on the Graduate School website at

The DGRP targets a four-year graduate study in which the coursework stage (years one and two) is funded by OSU faculty, department or college for stipend, tuition, health insurance and mandatory fees. Subsequent to the completion of the coursework, the student support will be provided by a contract from PNNL for the stipend and benefits and tuition waiver provided by the OSU Graduate School, and the student will be primarily located at PNNL.

 An essential requirement of the program is that the co-advisors from the two institutions must be willing to support the student in the proposed research topic. After selecting the students for this program, the PNNL and OSU points of contact will confirm the availability of research funding from the individual co-advisors before OSU sends formal letters of award to the selected students.  

For the selection of the first cohort of five DGRP students, the following timeline pertains:

Opening application timeline: December 3, 2018 to February 1, 2019

Award notification: February 28, 2019

February 1, 2019
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Graduate students