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California Breast Cancer Research Program
Hormone Concentrations in Beef

CBCRP intends to fund one project related to understanding exposures to hormones from California's beef production. We propose funding one pilot study to test two hypotheses: 

  1. that there are FDA-approved food animal production drug residues, including suspected mammary gland toxicants, prevalent in edible portions of beef products as well as in well drinking water systems in California; and 
  2. there are quantifiable naturally occurring/ endogenous hormone concentrations in edible portions of both retail USDA certified organic and conventional beef that may have implications for breast cancer risk.

Non-Targeted Testing of Chemicals in Drinking Water 

CBCRP intends to fund one project related to identifying carcinogenic chemicals in drinking water. CBCRP seeks to support research to screen drinking water in California for unmonitored and unregulated chemicals and transformation products that are known and suspected mammary gland carcinogens, mammary gland toxicants and/or endocrine disrupting chemicals.

The proposed research should be conducted by a transdisciplinary collaborative team with demonstrated capacity to design and conduct each component of the study, including but not limited to expertise in analytic chemistry, environmental toxicology, exposure sciences, water sample access and collection capacity, and community engagement.

January 17, 2019
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