Funding agency: 
Oak Ridge Associated Universities

The research opportunity design and structure-property-function relationships of heteronanomaterials. Specifically, the opportunity seeks to study of emerging nanomaterials via growth, synthesis, characterization, and assembly with a focus on applications in thermoelectric (TE) power generation. The research seeks to investigate nanomaterials and van der Waals heterostructures made from them for enhanced thermal and electronic transport properties. The ultimate technology goal includes fabrication of efficient, low-cost, low-power thermoelectric generators and Peltier coolers for military and commercial applications. In conjunction with this goal, the research comprises of developing materials with high TE figure of merit (ZT) by preparing them in quantum well (nanostructured) super lattice (monolayer) as first described by Hicks and Dresselhaus [1]. Preliminary results show successful growth of nanostructure TE material (Bi2Te3) [2] as well as van der Waals thin film (graphene) for thermoelectric measurements (Seebeck, Resistivity, and Thermal conductivity).

The research endeavor requires expertise in electron microscopy, surface probe microscopy, and spectroscopic techniques including; Scanning Probe Microscopy, Scanning and Tunneling Electron Microscopy, Laser Spectroscopy (Raman, IR), X-ray Diffraction.

April 29, 2019
Funding type: 
Graduate students