Funding agency: 
Project Apis m.

In 2013 Costco and Project Apis m. (PAm) launched the first PAm-Costco Scholar Fellowship Program. Costco has an admirable commitment to sustainability, and is a champion supporter of honey bee research, recognizing it as an investment to ensure an ethical and sustainable food supply.

Investing in research that has real and practical impacts on the sustainability of honey bee health, honey production and crop production is the foundation of the PAm-Costco partnership. Sustainability is often defined in terms of resource management, but another component of sustainability is developing intellectual expertise by supporting those who will help solve problems in the future: tomorrow's bee scientists. The students who receive this PhD Fellowship award bring new energy, ideas, and expertise to the fold of scientists pushing the edges of bee health research across the globe. This award is an investment in the next generation of leaders to innovate and support beekeepers and pollinators.

Up to three years continuous support for graduate education and research will be  provided in annual increments up to $50,000, based on qualifications and need. In cases where a student is already receiving financial awards, the award amount will be determined on a case by case basis.

May 6, 2019
Funding type: 
Graduate students