The medical preceptorship allows junior and senior pre-medical students the opportunity to gain valuable shadowing experience.  Once accepted, students are matched with a physician in Corvallis or the surrounding area, and will shadow their match for 27 hours during a quarter. The program is intended for strong pre-medical candidates who have little to no previous medical shadowing experience.  Prospective applicants should not rely on the preceptorship as a source for shadowing hours.  The program is highly competitive and placement opportunities are limited. Because opportunities are scarce, favor is given to competitive pre-medical candidates that are graduating seniors or are juniors planning to apply to medical school during the current application cycle.  It is recommended that all pre-med students seek out opportunities to shadow physicians in their hometown to ensure that they gain shadowing experience before applying to professional school.

Shadowing is a valuable developmental experience for pre-medical students.  During the preceptorship, participants will gain a better understanding about the life and routine of practicing physicians.  Through observing medical procedures, interaction between the physician and their patients, their workload and administrative functions, students develop insight into the profession.  Participants are encouraged to ask questions and develop rapport with their match.

To be considered for placement, students must be currently enrolled at OSU, have at minimum a 3.55 GPA, apply by the deadline, and participate in an interview. Late applications will not be considered. If accepted, students are required to attend a preceptorship orientation.  Placement is contingent on finishing the additional requirements outlined by the facility in which students were placed.  The credit will be graded on a P/N basis, and will be based on finishing the 27 hours of shadowing and on a series of reflective journals.

Students should consider the time involved with shadowing a physician prior to applying to the preceptorship. Acceptance into the program is highly competitive and is a commitment that students are expected to follow-through with, no exceptions.  Students will be selected based on the interview, review of the application, and on preparedness for medical school.  Not all students that apply will be given an interview, and some students that interview may not be accepted, could be deferred to a later term, or be asked to reapply.

Please note that depending on your immunization records, additional immunizations may be required in order to participate in the Medical Preceptorship. Therefore, there may be additional costs that are your responsibility. TB tests do not have to be completed before you submit your application, but must be completed before participating in the Preceptorship.

Please direct any questions about the preceptorship to Cody Duncan.

Medical Preceptorship Application Form (PDF)

Application Deadlines

Journal Guidelines

Preceptorship Time Sheet Form

Preceptor Web Evaluation Form
(to be completed by a physician for the student)

If not using the above web form please use: Preceptor PDF Evaluation Form

Complete, print and submit to:

Cody Duncan
3029 Cordley Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331