The medical preceptorship (one credit, graded P/N) provides students the opportunity to shadow a physician for one academic term. During one quarter, students shadow their preceptor for a minimum of 27 hours, and are permitted to shadow as many hours as possible. 

The preceptorship is competitive, and applicants should meet the following criteria:

  1. Junior or Senior class standing*
  2. Completion of sophomore level pre-medical coursework (general biology, general and organic chemistry)
  3. 3.55 cumulative OSU GPA
  4. Well-rounded applicant with previous healthcare volunteering or work experience, but minimal or no  previous shadowing experience

*Favor is given to students applying or graduating within the next year.
If you do not meet all of these criteria, you are encouraged to wait to apply. 

Application Process:

Applications are due Friday of week two one term before you wish to participate (view deadline dates here). Late applications will not be considered. If you meet minimum requirements, you will be invited to participate in an interview.  Applicants are chosen for the program based on review of the initial application as well as the interview. During the interview, you will be asked several behavioral questions, and will be evaluated on your interpersonal skills, dress, demeanor, and preparation for the interview.  Not all students that submit an application will be invited to interview, and not all students that interview will be accepted. 

Program Requirements:

If you are accepted into the course, you will need to attend an orientation at Oregon State University, as well as meet the requirements of the medical facility you are assigned to.  This may include submitting immunization records, sufficiently passing a 10-panel drug screen and background check, and attending additional trainings. Because the program is competitive, students are encouraged to seek out opportunities to shadow physicians in their hometown or through other routes. (See this document  for further guidelines on finding shadowing and other healthcare experiences). Do not rely on the medical preceptorship to gain the necessary shadowing experience to apply to medical school.

Evaluation of the medical preceptorship involves submitting three reflective journals and a preceptor evaluation of your time in the clinic.  If all components are completed, you will receive a passing grade (P).  If any parts are missing, you will receive a no-pass (N).  It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all components are complete.  There are no exceptions to this grading policy.

Students should consider the time commitment to the preceptorship prior to applying. Students are expected to follow through with their commitment to participate and to be professional in all of their actions while participating in the program.


In addition to the cost of participating in the credit, students are responsible for paying for liability insurance ($14, included in the course cost) as well as any additional cost incurred by participating in the program (including medical screenings and immunizations, drug screening, background check).  You can arrange for these screenings after you are accepted into the program—do not complete them until instructed to do so.  It is prudent to collect your immunization records and ensure they are complete when applying to the program.

Please direct any questions about the preceptorship to Cody Duncan.

Medical Preceptorship Application Form (PDF)

Application Deadlines

Journal Guidelines

Preceptor Web Evaluation Form
(to be completed by a physician for the student)

If not using the above web form please use: Preceptor PDF Evaluation Form

Complete, print and submit to:

Cody Duncan
3029 Cordley Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331