Science Study AbroadConsidering Study Abroad?

  • Eligibility is easy: Just meet program pre-requisites and remain in good academic standing.
  • Find a Study Abroad or International Program that fits your academic and professional interests by following the links below.
  • It's the chance of a lifetime. These experiences offer intensive cultural and linguistic immersion and stimulating educational opportunities.  
  • Career-enhancing experience: These programs can complement your core academic work and provide in-depth knowledge of a foreign work environment.
  • Make new friends: Expand your network of friends and acquaintances beyond OSU.  
  • Master a Language: the single best way to learn a language is to use it in its native environment.
  • Gain academic perspective: Get exposure to intriguing academic content, new points of view and different styles of argumentation and debate.
  • Gain personal perspective: Students will never be quite the same again because they gain new perspectives on personal short and long-term goals.
  • Many opportunities exist for students interested in studying abroad, gaining experience with international internships, or working on research projects in other countries.

International Science Programs

England (excellent for science students)

Lancaster University
Lancaster University (website)
Lancaster Photos

University of Nottingham
University of Nottingham (website)
Nottingham catalogue
Nottingham Photos

University of Sheffield
University of Sheffield (website)
University of Sheffield (photos)

Sussex University

Wales (excellent for biology and environmental science students)

Bangor University
Bangor University (website)
Bangor online catalog (website, search for courses)
Exchange Student handbook (PDF)
Wales Photos

Lyon (France)

The Baden-Wurtemberg Program (German)

Universidad San Franciso de Quito, Ecuador (Spanish)

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Consider the International Internships (IE3) program:

Internships provide hands-on learning opportunities that can supplement your education in meaningful ways. By working overseas, you'll gain real insight into different cultures, industries and organizations. Internships range in length from 10 weeks to 6 months for full-time work, and you can earn academic credit at OSU for the experience. You can work in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe, Asia, and in North or South America in fields like Environmental Science, Life Science/Resource Management, and a variety of other areas.

You might wish to obtain the International Degree

The International Degree is a dual degree program. Students can earn two degrees: a Bachelor's degree in any science major plus a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.  This program immerses students in another culture and add a significant international component to your career portfolio. To see one example, check out the International Degree option in Biology.   

Other International Opportunities

International Programs for OSU students and faculty
Programs for international students coming to OSU  
Programs for international faculty and scholars coming to OSU