Funding agency: 
Rotary Club

The purpose of the Global Grant Scholarship program is to support international study at the graduate level, in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus. Inbound applicants must apply to graduate school at a University in District 5110; outbound applicants must apply to graduate school in a partner/host international Rotary district. The prospective applicant must be admitted into that program prior to completion of their Global Grant Scholarship application

The GG Scholarship can help deepen your relationship with a club in another country. Together your club and the international club will identify a prospective applicant and support that person through the process of applying for both the grant and University admission. The club receiving the graduate student for study is expected to support the student in making a smooth transition into graduate school.  The Global Grant Scholarship is for $40,000. 



December 1, 2017
Funding type: 
Graduate students