Requirements for completing the Premedical File and earning the support of the Premedical Committee
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1. You must have at least 4 letters (recommend 5 to 7):
Two must be science professors who taught you and know you well enough to support your application; one must be from a physician. Additional letters (up to a total of 9) can be from other faculty, employers, supervisors, volunteer activities, etc. They should be from diverse sources to reflect the breadth and depth of your academic and extracurricular experiences.

2. You must complete a profile in the Health Professions Portal (

3. You must agree to waive your rights to see your letters or evaluation. You will select that box in your Health Professions Portal as well as complete a signature provided by the Premedical Committee Coordinator. Confidential letters carry more weight and are expected by medical schools.

4. Be prepared to provide a draft of your personal statement. It is also helpful if you provide a copy of your activities section from the application.

5. If your GPA is below 3.2, and/or your MCAT score is below 500 (or 24 with older version of MCAT), you must complete an appeal with the Premedical Committee Coordinator. A decision will be made by the committee whether or not to support your application, based on your readiness for medical school.

6. Postbacs must have at least a full year (approx. 45 credits) of in-person coursework at OSU-Corvallis, with a minimum GPA of 3.5, in order to qualify for a committee letter. A letter from your undergraduate program may be required as well.

7. You must meet all deadlines on page 1. This includes reapplicants.

Note: You must be in the application process before you can open your file. Letters of recommendation on your behalf can be submitted via the Health Professions Portal. Review the Premed Application Website for more details.

The OSU Premedical Committee reserves the right to choose to support a student’s application, based on interactions and information provided to the committee.



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