Take advantage of a unique living experience, designed for students interested in science or health careers.

Living Learning Community

The new Health and Wellness Living Learning Community gives students interested in health, science and wellness the opportunity to live and learn from each other. Students in the College of Science or the College of Public Health are highly encouraged to live here. With proximity to students in similar majors and classes, the Living Learning Community can enhance your first-year student experience at OSU.

The Living-Learning Community is an optional program for first-year students considering a major in science or public health. Students who are interested in enhancing their academic and social experience through additional science-related opportunities should consider this program. Students enjoy an integrated learning environment that extends the science curriculum beyond the classroom.

Join us to:
  • develop a sense of community and belonging to the university and to the Living Learning Community,
  • develop a good understanding of how health and well-being integrate your mind, body, and spirit,
  • explore values, interests, and strengths with faculty and staff,
  • understand why a solid science foundation in public health and allied health professions is so important, and
  • chart your path by exploring a wide range of interests and activities

You will find many benefits of this residence hall-based program, such as the chance to interact with science faculty outside the classroom, faculty presentations on their latest research, dinners, guest lectures, Ted Talks, service projects and more. Members of this community can benefit from drop-in advisor hours, weekly math and writing tutoring support as well as weekly chemistry study tables. This all makes for a well-rounded experience!

Make connections

Participate in enriching, dynamic events to make connections that can last throughout your college days and beyond.

In the heart of campus

Located in McNary Residence Hall, this new program will house approximately 300 students across 5 floors, including all-female and substance-free wings. McNary is located in the heart of campus—across from the library, next door to the McNary Dining Hall and down the street from Reser Stadium. McNary Hall offers students a convenient location with access to a wide variety of activities. You are never more than a few steps from food, study areas, dedicated classroom space and peers with shared interests. 

The Health and Wellness Living Learning Community joins similar communities on campus that aim to enhance the experience of new students. Another program, the First Year Experience program, connects a variety of communities across campus from the College of Business to ROTC to the University Honors College.

Research indicates that making connections with others on campus stimulates your mind and contributes to your emotional well-being. In addition, students who make crucial connections their first year are more likely to stay in college and to do better in their courses.

Students and faculty alike are positive about the new program. Success in past programs—especially in the Austin Entrepreneurship Program and the University Honors College communities—have set the foundation for a good first year. Students can apply to live in the community and choose a roommate on the Roommate Matching Network.

Any student with an interest in health, wellness or science should apply. Learn more!

McNary Hall