We invite all students in the Health and Wellness Living Learning Community to join us for these exciting events. Start making connections with other science and public health students and faculty!

September 23

Move-in day

Welcome to OSU and to science! We are so happy you are here.

September 23, 5:30 pm

All-Hall meeting

Meet your fellow residents, roommates and resident advisors and get to know a little about your new home in McNary Hall.

September 23, 6:00 pm

Kick Off Event

To kick off the school year, we’re throwing a party for you! Join us at this event to explore various aspects of health and well being. Learn about healthy eating with food demonstrations, check out exercise options on campus, connect with helpful health resources on campus, and more stuff you’ll want to know. 

October 11

Mary’s Peak Hike

Mary's Peak

Take to the hills! Climbing new heights, we’ll hike to the top of Mary’s Peak, the tallest mountain in the western cascades range. Learn the importance of health and well being while ambling around some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the area. 

Understand the nutritional science of creating the perfect and most health-conscious, hiking meals. Explore the impact of exercise and physiology that’s exerted when hiking a mountain. Faculty will be hiking as well. Take advantage of this time with them and to venture into different health and science topics in the moment. 


First Friday of each month

First Faculty Fridays

The first Friday of every month (beginning October 3) join us for lunch with one faculty from the College of Science and one from the College of Public Health and Human Services. This casual lunch is a great time to ask questions that you might not be able to ask in class. Find out about the kind of research they do and how they got started. Maybe it will land you to a position doing intriguing research in their lab or set you on your future career path.


The Wellness Pathway Program

In collaboration with Recreational Sports, we will offer a three-part series on developing your own well-being. Through interactive workshops you will learn ways to enhance your own wellness. These are more ways to enhance your personal growth, wellness and success. We hope to inspire healthy living through engaging educational opportunities. 


Down the road…

We plan offer nutrition-based cooking classes, conversations with medical professionals, and more programs to help you learn about the importance of health and well-being as you explore possible careers.