Q: Who is the OMSI Fellowship for?
A: OMSI Science Communication Fellows are industry or academic researchers or science professionals, including faculty, graduate students, technicians, or other individuals in science, health, engineering, or technology related positions. 

Q: Can undergraduates apply for the Fellowship?
A: The Fellowship program is designed for STEM professionals with a specific research focus or project. Often undergraduates have a more broad area of study without a single in-depth focus. For this reason, applications from undergraduates are typically less competitive. 

Q: I am not available on one of the listed workshop dates- can I still apply?
A: Attendance at the first workshop is mandatory for all Fellows. If you unable to attend one of the remaining workshops, indicate this on your application and OMSI will work with you to make a plan to make up that date.

Q: How often do you offer this program?
A: OMSI runs cohorts two to three times per year, typically from January through May, June through August, and September through December. The January through May cohort will be on OSU’s Corvallis campus, and the remaining two cohorts will take place at OMSI in Portland.

Q: I haven’t secured funding yet. Should I still apply?
A: Yes! Please note on your application that you are still searching for funding. Once decisions are made for each cohort, OMSI will notify you and you will have 3-6 weeks to secure funding and accept or decline a position in the cohort.

Q: Will scholarships be available for the next cohort?
A: OMSI and OSU are always working to increase more scholarships for participants. OMSI will post all scholarships on their website as soon as they are available.  Please check back often for updates or sign up on the interest list to be notified when scholarships are available.