OMSI’s Science Communication Fellowship prepares STEM professionals to effectively communicate with a variety of audiences by participating in a series of fun, interactive training workshops. Fellows will join OMSI to raise awareness about current scientific research while serving as STEM role models for children and teenagers and building a culture public engagement among science professionals. 

Program requirements

OMSI Fellows will
  • Attend four communication training workshops grounded in research and best practices in informal science education.
  • Collaborate with OMSI to develop a hands-on demonstration that highlights unique elements of the researcher’s work.
  • Participate in ongoing outreach opportunities at the museum and at events around the state
Who should apply?

OMSI Science Communication Fellows are STEM professionals. This includes faculty, graduate students, technicians, or other individuals in science, math, engineering, health, or technology related positions.

What's in it for you?
  • Communication training grounded in research around best practices in informal science education.
  • Ongoing opportunities to engage with museum visitors and communities across Oregon.
  • Certificate of completion as an official OMSI Science Communication Fellow and letters of acknowledgment.
  • Regular networking opportunities with educators and local scientists who are also committed to public engagement.
  • Complimentary admission to ongoing professional development workshops at OMSI that focus on science communication.
  • Mentorship from OMSI staff and ongoing support for activity refinement
  • OMSI family membership

Program details

  • Participate in a series of four professional development workshops, which are three to four hours each and spaced over three to four months. The initial three communication workshops will take place on OSU’s Corvallis campus at OSU between January and April. The final workshop will be held at OMSI in Portland in May.
  • Collaborate with museum educators to develop a unique, hands-on activity representing your specific work.
  • Participate in at least three public programs a year. Most Fellows participate in Meet a Scientist, a public program held on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month at OMSI. This program reaches about 300 visitors at every event.

Tuition and Funding

Tuition for the program is $1,850 per participant. We encourage all interested STEM professionals to apply, even if you do not currently have funding in place.

OMSI can provide information to use when submitting your funding requests to your department, college, or company. We even have recent evaluation reports documenting the impacts on participants of the OMSI Fellowship.

We can help you with innovative ways to collaborate on broader impacts and can even develop a customized plan for you that can enhance your research proposals.

Scholarships may be available. For application and current scholarship information, please visit our website. Below are suggested funding models to help you get started. In addition, graduate students may be able to apply to the Graduate School Professional Development Award ($250). 


Amount from College

Amount from Department

Amount from PI/Advisor

Model #1

1/2 ($925)

1/2 ($925)


Model #2

1/2 ($925)


1/2 ($925)

Model #3

1/2 ($925)

1/4 ($475)

1/4 ($475)

Model #4

1/3 ($617)

1/3 ($617)

1/3 ($617)

Model #5


1.0 ($1850)

Our program gets results

An in-depth evaluation of the OMSI Fellowship program revealed that scientists who participate in the program:

  • Believe it was well worth the time and effort that they put in and would recommend it to a colleague, rating the program 9.3 on a scale of 1-10 on average.
  • Report improved pedagogical and communication abilities and skills
  • Participate in an average of seven public events per year
  • 95% of those surveyed reported an improvement in the quality of their public engagement

Past Fellows: Words of Wisdom

“The activities were so simple yet got the message across so effectively! Very mind-blowing, I will be thinking about this in the future”
“I am much more comfortable communicating my research and ideas to other people with various backgrounds (e.g. scientists outside my field, my non-scientist (art major) mother, 5-year-olds at the museum). I feel ready for anyone who asks!”
“I feel more confident about communication approaches with complicated tasks.”
“The interactions that I have with small groups of people at the science museum are a perfect practice ground for the variety of conversations that I could have with decision makers. Many of the best practices apply equally well to a conversation with a decision maker.”

Learn more

Contact OMSI’s Senior Science Communication Specialist Andrew Haight ( to receive more information or to schedule an informational session for your department or group.