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Student clubs and organizations in the College of Science and at OSU offer science students many opportunities to engage in meaningful ways and develop into tomorrow’s scientists, leaders and active community members.

Bioethics Society

The OSU Bioethics Society (OSUBS) is a student-led, student-initiated organization that provides both context and space to explore the growing ethical issues brought forth by discoveries in science, technology and medicine. Through open discussion, investigation, research, and analysis of biology, biotechnology, genetics, medicine, philosophy, politics, law, and other relevant topics, OSUBS offers a platform for the exchange of ideas that affect ethical decision-making on our campus and in our world. For more information, email

Biophysics and Biochemistry

The Biochemistry Club hosts numerous activities throughout the year, including social events each quarter at a faculty member's house, a fall picnic, chances to meet with visiting scientists, talks by local faculty, and numerous outreach activities. For more information, contact


Oregon State's Chemistry Club (SAACS, or Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society) is all about having fun while gaining a greater understanding of science and learning the secrets behind chemistry. If you are interested in chemistry, or just like blowing things up and lighting things on fire, then you should join the Chemistry Club! The club has no dues and attendance isn't required. Check out the SAACS Facebook page for more info or email

Health Professions

Investigative Diagnosis Society is a student-run club that presents a mock medical case, and then members ask questions to determine the diagnosis. Students learn about different diagnostic tools as well as the disease that is featured. For more information, visit their Facebook page

Pre-Medical Society's mission is to promote and foster the pursuit of medical professions among students at OSU. Join their listservs or check out their Facebook page

Pre-Dental Society offers students a supportive network for anyone interested in a career in dentistry. Students can participate in a preceptorship program, which provides students the opportunity to observe a practicing dentist at work. OSU has a strong record of success:  in recent years nearly all applicants who completed OSU's Pre-dental program were admitted! In addition to an outstanding placement record, OSU has strong relationships with many dental schools.

Integrative Biology

The Integrative Biology Club helps students apply information and skills learned in courses. In addition, the IBC informs students about issues and job/internship opportunities within the life sciences. Activities such as rafting trips, hiking, and whale watching also provide a fun social outlet.

Integrative Biology Mentoring Program seeks to connect first-year Biology and Zoology students with juniors and seniors in order to build a sense of community and promote student success and engagement. Mentors offer academic and social support to students transitioning to college and their IB major. Mentors also help mentees connect with the campus community and resources while complementing the work of advisors, IB faculty and staff as well as OSU resources. 

The Natural History & Collections Club aims to unite the spectacular collections at OSU and in the process bring students together to explore the beauty of nature. Must love nature!


The Math Club provides opportunities for math enthusiasts to meet and explore their common interests. The Math Club is a primarily student-run club, and it facilitates both fun and helpful math-related activities throughout the year, including social events, game nights, and study sessions.

For more information about being a part of the Math Club, email the faculty advisor at We'd love to have you join the club and share in our excitement about all things math-related!

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) is a collection of students who share a common interest in the advancement of women in mathematics. AWM hosts movie nights and pizza parties. They recently organized Sonia Kovalevsky Day at OSU, an event for local high- school and middle-school students which features math competitions, workshops, and lectures. If you are interested in learning more about AWM, please e-mail the current AWM officers at

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is a club, advised by a faculty member, for students interested in applied mathematics and its and applications to industry. The group often hosts speakers from industry, holds tutorials, and organizes social events. If you are interested in learning more about SIAM, please e-mail the current SIAM officers at

Actuarial Science Club (ASC) tries to promote awareness of the actuarial profession, disseminate information about the actuarial preparatory track and share information regarding actuarial coursework and exams, and internship and job opportunities. ASC invites speakers from the actuarial community to talk to students about various types of work they do, how they became an actuary, and what future trends they see in the profession. We meet two to three times per term. One of them tends to be a social gathering. Interested students can email

Pi Mu Epsilon (PME) is a non-secret honor society whose purpose is the promotion and recognition of scholarly activity in the mathematical sciences among students. If you would like to learn more about how to become a Pi Mu Epsilon member, please email 


The Society of Physics Students (SPS) offers opportunities to connect with other students interested in physics, and publishes information about scholarships, internships, research opportunities, awards, conferences and many other useful items.

Pre-Vet Medical Association

The OSU Pre-Veterinary Medical Association at Oregon State University (PVMA at OSU) is one of the largest clubs at Oregon State University. The purpose of our club is to further the knowledge of OSU students who are interested in the field of Veterinary Medicine.


The Microbiology Student Association (MSA) organizes field trips and hosts research symposiums for undergraduate students in the department. The club offers students a chance to engage in activities that can expand their knowledge of the microbe world. MSA brings keynote speakers to campus to present their research/job experience to members at meetings. There are also research grants available for student ASM (American Society for Microbiology) members, which MSA helps students become affiliated with. ASM conferences and events can impact your education and inform future career direction. MSA membership can enhance your curriculum vitae/resume and strengthen your skills and knowledge in areas related to the field of microbiology.

Established in 2015, the Biohealth Sciences Club seeks to help prepare all BHS students for post-baccalaureate health profession careers. They offer students engaging volunteer opportunities, coordinate training sessions and organize field trips. The club hosts many professional guest speakers, including dentists, doctors and nurses as well as representatives from graduate programs and student success centers at OSU. This year, they plan to launch a speaker series with an osteopathic physician who will talk about the profession as well as his path as an undergraduate. The BHS Club has its own space so students can socialize with like-minded people, provide peer academic support and offer a platform for upper-class students to share their academic and out-of-the-classroom experiences and wisdom with new students.

Sigma Delta Omega - a science sorority

Sigma Delta Omega is an original chapter, unique to Oregon State University, founded in 2006 for women with an interest in science. Sigma Delta Omega’s sisterhood consists of a diverse group of women from various walks of life, all with a common love for science.The sorority is very active on campus and holds outreach events in the community and on campus to raise awareness of science!


Leadership and student support organizations

Ambassadors Program for College of Science

The College of Science recruits students to join our team of public relations Ambassadors. The ambassadors serve as liaisons between the college and prospective students and their families. We are looking for highly motivated, self-sufficient students from a variety of science majors who want to share their passion for science and their enthusiasm for the College and OSU.


oSTEM@OSU supports LBGTQ students who are science majors. For more information, please contact or 

OSU STEM Academy

Do you have an expertise or skill to share with the next generation of scientists and engineers? Then welcome to STEM Academy where K-12 youth learn in programs designed to increase college attendance and participation in the STEM fields.

SACNAS Chapter for OSU

OSU’s chapter of the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics, Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) helps science students connect with opportunities, resources, mentors and friends that will help them thrive in their education and future career. Connect with OSU SACNAS on Facebook.   

International Students of Oregon State University

The International Students of Oregon State University (ISOSU) leads in creating a community that enhances and influences the student experience. ISOSU facilitates cross-cultural interaction and understanding by inviting many voices from around the world to be heard.


If this isn’t enough, check out the more than 300 OSU student clubs and organizations!