GRAD courses available in the spring term

The Graduate School and its partners offer courses to students from all fields of study. Check the catalog for the latest information.

GRAD 513 - Professional Development in College and University Teaching – 1-3 credits, online.
Self-directed learning experience, providing structure and context for professional development opportunities in teaching, such as workshops, seminars, webinars, symposia, and other relevant programming. Designed to encourage and reward continuing investment in the development of knowledge and skill sets as educators. Consists of participating in self-selected teaching-related programming (in-person or online), as well as reading, writing, and reflecting on your chosen experiences. This course is repeatable for a maximum of 3 credits.

GRAD 520 - Responsible Conduct of Research - 2 credits, online and Corvallis.
Covers 10 topics in responsible conduct of research: ethical decision making; human subjects; animal welfare; data acquisition; sharing and ownership; research misconduct; conflicts of interest; authorship; peer review; mentor/trainee responsibilities; and collaborative science. Useful to all students who conduct scholarly activity.

GRAD 542 - The Inclusive College Classroom – 3 credits, online.
An examination of multidisciplinary scholarship on difference, power, and discrimination; critical pedagogies; and curriculum transformation. Discussions of theory and research are coupled with practical hands-on opportunities for students to develop and hone their teaching and course development skills.

GRAD 561 - Course Design and Methods for College and University Teaching - 3 credits, online.
Exploration of research and research-based practices related to teaching and learning in higher education contexts with emphasis on course design, facilitation, and other instructional techniques for GTAs, instructors, and others who teach in the college and university classroom.

GRAD 570 – Translating Research to Innovation – 2 credits, Corvallis.
Research2Innovation provides teams of STEM professionals (university students, postdocs and faculty, National Lab scientists and engineers or corporate R&D scientists and engineers) with a rapid introduction to the vocabulary, skills, tools, and road map needed for scientists and engineers to engage in successfully translating their research into innovations. The course utilizes the student's own research as the basis for the study.

GRAD 599 – ST/Creating Happiness – 1 credit, Corvallis.
Life is busy and hectic. Have you stopped to intentionally find ways to slow it down or learn ways to increase your happiness with life? This course provides a one hour-intentional pause to take stock of your well-being and apply theories of positive psychology and mindfulness more readily into your life and course of study/profession.

GRAD 599/WR 599 – Graduate Writing for STEM Majors – 3 credits, Corvallis.
This course is for graduate students in the STEM fields and focuses on the writing of a thesis or dissertation. The course addresses best practices in technical research writing, including issues of style and precision, and offers opportunities to concentrate on writing for specific disciplines. Students will work on their projects individually, meet in writing groups, have daily conferences with the instructor, and participate in class discussions.

GRAD 430/530 - Introduction to Scientific Diving – 4 credits, Corvallis.
Incorporates academic, confined water and open water training to prepare the student to manage the task loading associated with performing scientific tasks underwater. Introduces the diver to basic techniques and equipment used in underwater data collection. Qualifies the student for acceptance into the OSU Scientific Diving Program as a Scientific Diver-in-Training, at the discretion of the DSO and OSU Diving Control Board. Includes field trips.