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This strategic plan will help us realize our core mission: building global leaders to advance science and achieving our vision of OneScience, where together we act as a nucleus of learning, societal engagement, achievement and discovery.

Science faculty, students and alumni LEAD: Learn, Engage, Achieve and Discover.

Science champions the success of every student through mentoring and transformative experiences in the classroom and beyond.

Science builds global leaders who improve the quality of life for everyone and everything on the planet. 

Science at OSU is the place of choice for marine, environmental, materials, biohealth and data sciences.

I am proud to present LEAD (Learn, Engage, Achieve, Discover): Global Excellence in Science, the 2015–2020 Strategic Plan for the College of Science at OSU. This plan is our blueprint for global excellence. It will guide our priorities and inform our decisions about how best to innovate in science education, to prepare students to be leaders in science, to foster impactful discoveries and to improve our world. We have identified specific metrics related to OSU Strategic Plan 3.0 to help us realize our vision and hold us accountable. To successfully execute the plan, we will form working groups that will collectively develop tactics and focused metrics to address efficiencies, priorities and resource alignment to advance our goals. 

The College is where people discover science and learn to be ethical global citizens. At the heart of the plan is our commitment to the success of our people—our faculty, our students and our alumni and friends. Our goal is to see everyone thrive as we strive for global excellence, enhance diversity and foster harmony. Science faculty are the foundation of the university: their success is critical to all success.

Faculty research excellence attracts top students, while outstanding teaching and mentoring builds strong leaders. By investing in our faculty through recruitment, retention and promotions, we can truly transform lives. 

We envision a future in which all of our students, regardless of their background, graduate on time, engage in meaningful research experiences, expand their perspectives through global experiences and grow from mentoring. Ultimately, our success is determined by the success of our alumni and faculty. Enabling the success of our people is a cornerstone of this plan and is important to me personally. 

Our fundamental discoveries and research will continue to shape the future through life-changing technologies, medicines, pedagogy, policies, businesses and innovation that improve our quality of life. By building a better environment and a strong community, we will foster the innovative and critical thinking of future generations and lay a strong foundation for future technologies. Our excellence in fundamental and curiosity-inspired research will enable us to solve major societal problems to make our state, nation and world better. 

Most importantly, this strategic plan will help us realize our core mission: advancing science and achieving our vision of OneScience, a nucleus of learning, societal engagement, achievement and discovery at OSU. We will leverage our hallmark collaboration and spirit of harmony to build bridges and leaders across all science. Teaching every student at OSU, we are committed to every student’s success. 

Together we can, and will, make the College of Science at OSU one of the best in the world for its research and education and for being a diverse and inclusive place of choice. I welcome you to join us as we LEAD OSU toward global excellence in science. 


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Sastry G. Pantula
Dean, College of Science