Group shot of the integrative biology department

Our plan has three major goals for our people, our planet and our prosperity:

Goal 1. To build a diverse and inclusive science community focused on excellence.

Goal 2. To be a global leader in scientific research and scholarship for a better world.

Goal 3. To excel in outreach, engagement, visibility and economic development.


The College of Science is at the intellectual heart of the university, vital to the success of all of OSU. This strategic plan serves as a blueprint to bring the future forward, focusing on initiatives to define the College as a global leader in science. 

The plan recognizes science and the College as the foundation of OSU, as the source of scientific knowledge and education. With growing market demand for scientists worldwide, the need for graduates with critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills will only increase. 

To help OSU become a top 10 land grant institution and a global university, we will excel and distinguish ourselves among our peers in our areas of strategic opportunity and by championing the success of every student through mentoring and transformative experiences. The College will increase the internationalization of our students and faculty by presenting scientific findings and ideas around the world, hosting global scholars and increasing international research collaborations. 

On the heels of a successful $1 billion capital campaign and SP 3.0, the College is well positioned to move the dial ahead. Our strategic investments will: 

  • Provide transformative, meaningful and memorable experiences to promote success among our students and faculty;
  • Build on OSU areas of distinction and invest in new areas of high-impact research; 
  • Result in new initiatives in undergraduate and graduate education and training to enhance success at OSU and beyond; 
  • Enhance our ability to hire and retain the best faculty and attract researchers from around the globe; 
  • Develop a master space/infrastructure plan; 
  • Enhance partnerships with our alumni, industry, public and policymakers to promote scientific literacy, visibility and economic development.

This plan is a result of a year-long collaboration among the Art & Science Group, a strategic planning firm in Washington D.C.; a campus working group comprising faculty, advisors and students; advisory groups of university leaders and alumni; and departmental and administrative leadership teams. 

This document summarizes the essential strategies and metrics related to our goals. Specific tactics supporting implementation will be developed and refined by working groups and then captured in an internal working document. Implementation will occur within the coming year. The plan relies on collaborations among departments to develop programs to enhance the quality, quantity and diversity of our OneScience community. 

The College will achieve its goals and advance its world-class stature. It will excel in fundamental research, enable discoveries and innovation and build diverse leaders. Our faculty will be a global source of scientific knowledge to attract students and scientists from around the world. Our graduates will be grounded in a solid foundation of science with a rigorous transdisciplinary curriculum and transformative student experiences. The College is committed to the success of every student, faculty and alumnus/alumna.