Image of a successful doctorPhoto of SreyRam Kuy, M.D. (’00, B.S., Microbiology and Philosophy) by Hannah O’Leary for Oregon Stater


We play a central role in advancing OSU’s overarching goals of a healthy people, living on a healthy planet, in a healthy economy. We support OSU’s strategic priorities by bringing world-class leadership in research and training to marine, environmental, materials, biohealth and data sciences.

We draw inspiration from the White House Strategy for American Innovation:

“We will invest in innovation to restore leadership in fundamental research, to educate the next generation with 21st century knowledge and skills, to build a strong physical infrastructure, and to develop an advanced information technology ecosystem.”

These charges align with the College’s deep commitment to student success, skills development, innovation, outreach and fundamental research. Our strategic plan offers self-reflection as we build a strong community of OneScience.


Marine Science. We will leverage our top ranked programs and internationally recognized research and faculty to be a leader in OSU’s Marine Studies Initiative. We are well positioned to address problems ranging from climate change and ocean acidification to diseases, loss of biodiversity and pollution. Our efforts will sustain healthy, productive and resilient marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems. 

Sustainable Materials. We will build on our leadership in materials science to discover sustainable materials for next-generation electronics and to develop techniques for clean energy generation and conservation. We will advance sustainability by creating new technologies and building new companies while training the next generation of environmentally conscious innovators.

Biohealth Science. Our faculty are leaders in fundamental, quantitative and translational research relevant to fighting disease and promoting health. From molecules and model systems to studies of humans, we will accelerate discovery, advance understanding and grow our global impact.

Data Science. Data are increasing in velocity, volume and variety. Big data analyses lead to breakthroughs in areas from personalized medicine to precision agriculture, marketing to security, environment to education, and astronomy to information-based industries. As a data science hub for research and training, we will be a key resource for data-enabled research, analysis and visualization at OSU, in Oregon and across the country.


Global Education

  • Make every student’s success a top priority and everyone’s responsibility. 
  • Enhance diversity and create a welcoming, inclusive place where everyone can thrive. 
  • Provide students with a transformative education and experiences to have a powerful impact on the world. 
  • Affirm faculty success as fundamental to student success and value outstanding teaching. 
  • Reach a global audience through online education. 
  • Ensure that science majors and non-science majors develop strong core, computational and collaboration skills. 

Global Research 

  • Invest in fundamental, curiosity-driven research with long-term impacts on our people, planet and economy. 
  • Value collaborative research that fosters discovery and enables innovation in business, education, engineering and all sciences. 
  • Engage international partners to address critical science problems. 
  • Be a worldwide source of accurate scientific knowledge and information for the public, press and policymakers. 

Global Economy

  • Develop strong partnerships proactively with industry, academia, government and alumni to address societal challenges. 
  • Encourage a culture of innovation to support economic development. 
  • Generate new revenue sources through outreach, engagement and partnerships. 
  • Share the excitement and impact of our discoveries with the world.