College of Engineering organized a faculty development workshop delivered by Dr. Rick Spinrad on Thursday, January 31st that was open to all colleges. The March 8 white paper review workshop is also open to all colleges.

Interested faculty are to submit a white paper for review by 28 February in a mock panel in a follow-up session on Friday March 8th

The Research Office requests voluteers from senior faculty  with federal agency experience and famililarity with white papers to serve as reviewers. Please contact Susan Emerson at  to express your interest in serving as a reviewer.

RSVP link here

If you would like to participate in this exercise, here is the timeline and process for the March 8 white paper review workshop:


  1. This link takes you to the COE research development page for faculty resources -
  2. You can use the following examples of white papers as templates:
  1. The PowerPoint slides from Dr. Spinrad’s presentation on January 31st, 2019 are attached.
  2. This information also attached in a Word Document.  

 To register for the March 8th workshop, RSVP at this link